“hmmm i wonder whether batman boy here still remembers his bestie... haha i miss you Thaddy <3 you and Sebb both actually~”

Hey, how are you Kei?

Damn, I miss him…


It’s almost unbearable.

You are such a sap. I am coming home today babe and then moving to Paris can go ahead.

Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: *Smirks and licks his lips* Do you feel that, baby... how I run my tongue over your toned chest... tease your nipples with it?
  • Thad: *Groans softly as he pinches his nipple* Fuck Seb... God I love your tongue...
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Good, baby. Then I want you to run one of your hands across your chest... imagine that I'm touching you, kissing you...
  • Thad: Okay... *Closes his eyes and runs his fingers down his chest, gasping softly*
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Are you naked yet?
  • Thad: I am naked you horndog.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Do you know what I wanna do, babe
  • Thad: I can guess but I want to hear it from you.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Waiting. Are you hard, love?
  • Thad: Not yet but knowing what you want to do is getting me there...
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Well, I'm used to sleeping naked, and I've been napping, so... so how about you get naked too?
  • Thad: Give me a moment then babe.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Uh-huh. But you're not naked with me this time.
  • Thad: I am not surprised that you are into being naked alone either.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Mm, maybe a little bit, love. *Chuckles* So... I'm naked.
  • Thad: *Laughs a little* You usually are.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Maybe I am a bit. God, I miss you, baby.
  • Thad: Not to surprise you or anything sexy, but you were always a cuddle monster. *smiles warmly* I miss you too.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: Tell me about it. I even miss the cuddling.
  • Thad: *chuckles*You say that as if you are shocked.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: *Grins once he hears his voice* Hey, baby.
  • Thad: How are you coping without me? I never realised how well I sleep with you.
Phonecall | Thadbastian
  • Seb: *Dials Thad's number and waits for his response*
  • Thad: *Picks up the phone and smiles slightly* Hey Gorgeous.
Text| Sebastian
  • Seb: It still works, baby. Come on, baby... I need to hear your voice.
  • Thad: ... Fine. Call me.

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